Four More Skinny Homes For Coral Street

One of the corners of Coral & Fletcher has seriously seen its share of changes over the last few years. Turning back the clock to 2011, there was a single home and six vacant lots here. The home and two of the lots were privately owned and the four at the corner were owned by the Redevelopment Authority. And someone was using some of these lots as a home to their above-ground pool. Or maybe it was a baby pool, we can't really tell.

In the past

Last year, a new home had been built and two more were under construction. These homes were notable because of their skinny 12' width, much slimmer than the average 16' Philly home. Checking in today, all three of the homes are finished and have sold at prices betwen $310K and $315K.

Three finished homes

You can see in the photo above, the four lots are the corner are now under construction. Four more skinny homes have been framed out with angled bays providing a bit of extra square footage. These four lots were owned by the PRA for years and to their credit they actually sold them off a couple years ago through a public competitive bidding process via the Phillylandworks blog. They got $137K for the lots, probably less than they would have gotten on the open market, but it's certainly better to see homes here than a large vacant lot. Brickstone Group is behind this project and knows what they're doing in terms of skinny homes, having built three of them on Hagert Street.

Current view

On the other end of the spectrum, there's a home across the street from this construction that's wider than almost every other home in the neighborhood. It was rehabbed back in 2012 and we would have maybe liked to see another window on the front of the building, but it's still an improvement over what it looked like before the rehab.

Funky rehab across the street