Apartment Building Further Improves an East Kensington Block

Despite the fact that it's one of our favorite neighborhoods in town, East Kensington is admittedly a mixed bag. Some blocks are wonderful, filled with occupied homes. Other blocks are mixed, with a smattering of vacant lots or blighted buildings mixed in with newer and older housing stock. And other blocks just look rough. Take, for example, the 2000 block of E. Fletcher St. a few years ago.

In the past

Just a couple of years ago, this block contained a handful of homes, a stalled project, some blighted buildings, and a solid dose of vacant land. But time has been kind to this block. The stalled project finished last year, and contains apartments that listed for rent at $2,100/mo. And one of the vacant lots is currently under construction.

This was finished last year

New apartments under construction

That structure will eventually hold six apartments with five parking spaces on the first floor. The 2,900 sqft lot was purchased by East Fletcher Realty LP for a shocking $40K at Sheriff's Sale back in 2010. The parcel has, clearly, increased in value considerably in just the few years since. And we don't see why it won't continue to get more valuable at the block and surrounding area continue to improve. You may recall, we told you about some new homes coming to the corner of Coral & E Fletcher last week, and they will be arriving mere steps from the new building pictured above.

Maybe this is next?

Our final hope today is for the building next door. As you can see, it has some wonderful bones. Perhaps someone will step forward to renovate this building in the near future, though it looks like it could possibly be in use right now. Hopefully, any rehab effort will maintain the extremely dangerous but cool looking second floor door. We just don't see enough of those around town these days.