Former Furniture Manufacturer Will Become Apartments

Almost a decade ago, plans were tossed around to convert 1106-14 Spring Garden St., more commonly referred to as the Lawsonia building, into six condos, in a project that was to be called “The Sydney” Why didn’t the project happen? Why were they going to call it “The Sydney?” Who honestly thought that condos on this block of Spring Garden Street were a good idea back then?

Whatever the answers are to those questions, the project didn’t happen. Now, it looks like something is finally on the way here, and it’s a much more appropriate project given the location.

Lawsonia building

Last week, developers presented a project to the Callowhill Neighborhood Association to create forty apartment units here, with eighteen parking spots. Based on our reading of the plans, the existing facade will be maintained, with a commercial space of about 9,000 sqft on the first floor. A three story addition will rise above the current building, providing each floor with six 1-bedroom units, two 2-bedroom units, and two 3-bedroom units. The fifth floor units will all have rooftop decks, accessible from inside the apartments. Almost all of the parking will be located underground.

We must say, assuming this project happens, it will be a wonderful addition to a growing area. We’ve highlighted several projects on 13th St., just south of Spring Garden St., and lots of other projects just to the north. And with the growing commercial presence on Spring Garden Street itself, as well as the Tower Place apartments just two blocks away, this seems like a winning project. Let’s just hope they come up with a name for it that makes a little more sense than “The Sydney.”