What’s Up With a Huge Vacant Lot on the Brewerytown Border?

The other day, we told you about the residential conversion that’s planned for the church on the northwest corner of 27th & Girard. While we were up there snapping photos, we were reminded of the presence of a huge vacant lot, located kitty corner to the soon-to-be-renovated church.

From the church

We’ve (clearly) noticed this huge and embarrassing parcel before, and once even referenced it in a post about a new house nearby. So… what’s up with this huge vacant parcel?

According to public record, it’s owned by 27th and Girard LP. This company tracks back to a gentleman named Ronald Bleznak, who has had an interest in the property since at least 1979. Mr. Bleznak owns a development company in Southampton, but this parcel is clearly not high on his priorities list, as it’s been sitting vacant for what seems like a million years.

In 1962

Remarkably, the land was fully in use back in 1962, and we’d imagine for some years after that as well. According to a land use map from that year, we see that a food market made its home on the corner, and Greyhound had a bus parking lot on the rest of the 1.25 acre lot in question. Interesting that a market was once located here, especially in light of the fact that a brand new supermarket just opened four blocks away.

As for the present, we have no idea when this big lot will finally be redeveloped. The owners pay their taxes, so there’s no real mechanism for forcing them to do anything with the land but site on it until they’re good and ready.


Then again, on the other hand…