Unusual Building at 28th & Thompson Now Occupied

From Independence Hall to the two-story row home at the end of your block, every building in Philadelphia has some history to it. For any building that has any historical significance or looks a little unique, someone has probably done some research on it and published some information that can be found through a perfunctory web search. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case for the one-story stone building at 2800 W. Thompson St.

Building at the corner

Looking at historical maps, there was a church here once upon a time called the Sanctuary Methodist Church. We wonder whether the building that we see today is the original structure that stood here or perhaps more likely, a remnant of a more impressive building that didn't last through the years. A few years ago, when MM Partners built the North 28 project just to the south, this building was sitting vacant. But today the Celestial Tabernacle Holiness Church of God is making a home in the building and the formerly vacant building next door. They were previously located in a building down the street, and nearly lost their property at sheriff's sale for a $900 delinquency a few years ago. But it appears they've sold their old building to developers, as it's now been demolished. Thankfully, they didn't have to move very far.

In the past

Current view, might want to add a balcony on the 2nd floor

It's nice to see that the church was able to reuse these long vacant buildings and bring them back to life. Brewerytown has so much architectural character, it would have been a shame to see either building demolished. Does anyone know anything more about the history of these two buildings? Or must we resign ourselves to simply appreciating their unusual current appearance without knowing anything else about their past?