Three Homes Planned Across From Bottom Dollar

Yesterday, we told you about plans for sixty-four rental apartments at 31st & Thompson, behind Brewerytown's still-relatively-new Bottom Dollar Food. Today, we direct your attention just a little to the south, to 1213 N. 31st St., where a little more development is on tap. Instead of being behind the market, this project will (if approved) rise across the street. Can't argue with those supermarket views.

Zoning notice

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A couple years back, Steph-Sin Development built a couple of houses on this street, a little further north. Now, like a (very) mini Westrum, they're following their previous project with another one down the block. The proposal, which still needs to go to zoning, is to divide a large vacant lot into three smaller vacant lots and build three homes. And while a home right across the street from a Bottom Dollar may not sound like the most appealing choice in the world, at least you're covered if you need milk for your cereal in the morning. The previous Steph-Sin homes on this block are currently rental properties, and we imagine that will be the fate of the future homes as well.

The activity of developers like Steph-Sin and MM Partners in this neighborhood, along with the efforts of Westrum, show that developers of all shapes and sizes are working together to make Brewerytown a better place. And while the neighborhood still has a ways to go both in terms of residential and commercial redevelopment, the progress in the last few years is staggering. And it's poised to continue in the years to come.