Interesting Renovation Plus Addition on College Ave.

Yesterday, a reader tipped us off about a renovation in process at 2439 N. College Ave., across the street from the stone walls surrounding Girard College. It's an unusual parcel with a combination of a one-story corner commercial space and a three-story row home on one lot. We couldn't tell you anything about the property's history aside from the fact that the corner space has been vacant for quite some time.

In the past

The owners purchased the property at sheriff's sale back in 2012. Last year, it was listed for sale for $150K with zoning for a quadplex plus a commercial space on the first floor. The listing predicted rental rates of $850/mo for one-bedrooms, $1,500/mo for three bedrooms, and $500 for the commercial space, totaling $5,200 in gross rent. Either the owners couldn't find a buyer or they simply decided it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, and now they're doing the renovation work themselves.

Current view

Thankfully, the fiberglass awning has been removed from the three story section. Additionally, it appears as though they've demolished the corner property and replaced it with a three-story addition. It seems that the corner will remain commercial, though we wonder whether they'll eventually try to convert the space to residential use if (when) they can't find a retail tenant. Sure, Girard Avenue has made a huge leap in recent years, but we're not convinced the corridor extends to College Avenue. What kind of business do you think would have interest in a little commercial space at this location?