A little over three years ago, the Philadelphia Housing Authority held a press conference on the 3000 block of Cambridge Street, announcing plans to auction off 400 scattered site properties. Included in that list were five vacant and blighted properties on the block. The press conference set up shop in front of 3020 and 3022 Cambridge St., which were in terrible condition at the time.

Press conference in 2011

Those same homes are looking much better these days. Like many other homes on the block, they've been sold to private developers, renovated, and resold to residents. 

Current view of those homes

A couple of homes on this block could still use some love, but the changes have been incredible in just a few short years. And some more changes are surely on the way. The western end of this block is a dead-end, separated from Fairmount Park by railroad tracks. But the homes end before the end of the block. We spotted zoning notices a couple of weeks ago though, suggesting that the end of the block will soon fill in some.

View of the block

End of the block, some zoning notices

These lots have been vacant for some time

We only found info online about plans for one home which would rise three stories and include a garage. Considering the challenge of driving to the end of this block and then turning around, a garage actually makes a ton of sense here. This would leave, we believe, two lots undeveloped next door. But it seems likely that with the rest of the block coming up and plans for a new home above that those lots will fill in soon as well. We imagine that the neighbors, especially those that have been here for awhile, are pleased as punch.