What’s Up With the Big Warehouse at 10th & Washington?

We’ve often wondered about a large, poorly maintained building at the corner of 10th & League. With numerous well-kept Bella Vista blocks immediately to the north, and the fabulous Bardascino Park just up the street, it’s always seemed rather out of place, even if it does front Washington Avenue.

Looking down 10th
Looking east on League

The address for the property is 943 Washington Ave., and it’s been owned by Dominic Giancaterino since at least 1961. Though it’s in deplorable condition on the outside, the building is used for primarily for the sale of mattresses and other furniture. We don’t know that we’d be too enthused to shop at Z Discount Furniture given the condition of the property, but they’ve apparently done enough at this location to remain solvent for many years.

Front of the building shows two separate structures, both of which look lousy

The buildings go back at least a hundred years, and have had some interesting uses. We’d speculate that they were built around the turn of the 20th century, by Bryant Coal, replacing a couple of smaller buildings on the site. By the 1950s, however, it appears as though an auto shop had taken over the buildings.

Bryant Coal in 1914
Properties in 1954. Corner building advertising Dayton tires and already has boarded up the top windows

We certainly can’t argue with the use of the buildings, and frankly we’re pleased to see these structures remain after so many years. But is it too much to ask the owners of the property to take a little pride in their building and clean up the facade? For someone walking south on 10th Street, it looks like an abandoned building, and we can only imagine that neighbors on League and Kimball Streets perceive it an an eyesore. Or are we being too sensitive, and should we leave these people alone?