It was over two years ago that we first wondered about 915-17 S. 11th St., the former South Philadelphia State Bank building. At that time, the building, built around 1919 and designed by Makenzie and Wiley, was home to a business called the Cambridge Spice Trading Company. And while you could tell that the building had wonderful bones, it really looked like crap.

In the past

Almost exactly two years ago, it was clear that the spice guys had moved on, as the building was surrounded by a fence and undergoing interior construction. We didn't know then but we do know now that the owners of the property, who bought it in 2010 for $440K, are converting it into five luxury apartment units. According to a commenter from a previous post, there will be three units on the first floor which have 18' ceilings and living space on the basement, and two units upstairs with rooftop access. We can't see what the place looks like inside, but the exterior has come a long way. And while we're at it, isn't it nice to see this handsome building getting restored instead of demolished and replaced by boring new construction homes?

The other day

Clearly, the project isn't finished yet. But the progress is undeniable. And when they're (finally) done here, we suspect the units will sell quickly. After all, who wouldn't want to live just a block from Nam Phuong?