Hello My Name is 6th and South

We've repeatedly visited the corner of 6th & South over the last few years, alerting you as new businesses have arrived and lamenting continuing vacancies. Most recently, we gave you the heads up that the long-vacant building on the southwest corner, most recently home to a McDonald's, was finally getting renovated. Windows were replacing plywood and gray stucco covered brick. That effort is now finished.

Newly stuccoed facade with new windows

The space, however, remains empty. If you look closely, you can see a cute effort, probably from South Street Headhouse, to crowdsource a tenant for the space. On the front windows you can see a collection of labels, each with a different suggestion for a future tenant for this space or another on the corridor. 

Closer look

Labels show what people want to see here

More labels

Serious suggestions range from prom dresses to more live music to a cheap place to eat. Less serious ideas include a water slide, more bong shops, and no more bong shops. Our favorite might be the person who suggested a McDonald's. Hey, just because it didn't work before doesn't mean it wouldn't work now, right?

We have no idea whether the suggestion labels will speed the process of getting a tenant into this space. But they're certainly entertaining, and better than empty windows.