Even More Construction near 13th and South Sts.

Looking west

We were heading north on 13th St. the other day and this construction site at 13th and Kater Sts. caught our eye. We shouldn’t have been surprised- there’s a ton of development activity in the immediate area, with a few new construction sites popping up recently. In recent weeks, we’ve written about a couple of  projects within half a block of this site, including the curved bay window, mixed-use space at Juniper and South Sts. and the condo building going up around the corner on the 1200 block of Bainbridge St.

One of the new houses
A little more progress at number two

The site in question is owned by 1305 Kater LLC, out of Huntington Valley, and will soon be two large, high-end single family homes. According to the Zoning Application from February, there will be two four-story homes with garages and roof decks, and these houses will eventually be over fifty feet tall. While this height may seem a little tall to some, we think they’ll fit in just fine- there are several buildings in the area that have quite a bit more height, like the 1352 Lofts down the street, or the planned Dranoff building that will soon rise on the north side of the 1300 block of South Street.

We’re glad to see another lot in this part of town get developed, now if only something would happen to that lot on the corner of 13th and South Sts