Checking in at 13th and Bainbridge Sts.

As we’ve been covering for months, 1233-35 Bainbridge St. is getting a rather large, new condo building with first floor parking. The last time we looked at this project, framing of the second floor had just gotten started.

Back in early October

Over the past two months, there’s been a whole lot of progress:


That's a lot of building
A little closer
Still not there just yet...

Just up the street, we can report some progress on the two homes under construction at 1305-07 Kater St.

A couple of months ago
Again, quite a bit of progress
From a distance. These places are huge, too.

It’s always nice to check in on projects after a couple of months and see how much work has been done. Both of these are still a few months away, but at this point you can definitely get a good idea of what they’ll look like when they’re finished. Now let’s get some houses built in the curiously vacant lots surrounding these places and we’ll really be on to something…