As we were sipping our first beer of the day at Saturday’s Bloktoberfest and shortly before South Street business owners came to the realization that the water was out (temporarily), we spotted a new and exciting sign in a storefront window. It appears that South Street West has yet another restaurant on the way, and this time it’s a throwback.

Orange signs

Getting closer


San Andres Salon and Day Spa has been closed for awhile, and the space at 1506 South St. has looked like a storage space for either the property owner or another business on the street. We’re pretty plugged in on South Street West and didn’t even realize the space was available! But now, with the Cambridge drawing the crowds next door, it seems like an opportune time for a new venture to open its doors here. So here comes So Crepe, a creperie that, at least based on peering in the window, is at least a couple of months away. This will fill a crepe void that was left when Cafe L’Aube closed on this block a couple of years ago.

This new business will only add to the copious energy on this strengthening corridor, which has seen numerous businesses open their doors in the past couple of years. On this block alone, the aforementioned Cambridge, Rex 1516, Quick FixxSawatdee, and Jet Wine Bar have all opened since 2010 and have had a transformational effect on the food and drink culture in the surrounding neighborhood. And now, with the Royal Theater apparently under contract, along with the vacant lots that surround it, this block seems poised to take the next step in its evolution.

And we get crepes? What a country!