Back when we lived in the Passyunk Square neighborhood, we commonly patronized Liberty Lumber, a building supply company at the corner of 7th & Alter. We purchased a bunch of stuff over the years, including lumber, trim, paint, and tools. The prices were a bit higher than Lowes or Home Depot, but we were willing to pay the premium for the convenience of not having to go down to Delaware Avenue.

Liberty Lumber in the past

We passed by the other day and noticed that Liberty Lumber has closed, and we're guessing it's been a little while. We don't see any permits on the property, but it seems like there's at least one apartment space now in the building. A pair of mailboxes and a rental sign at the corner would seem to give us that indication.

Current view

Rental sign at the corner

The same person that owns the former building supply store also owns an adjacent property at 704 Alter St. where we've recently seen some new construction. Previously, this property was home to a couple of garages but in the last couple of years a four-unit building with ground-floor parking has sprouted. Looking at some listings from the end of last year, 2-bedroom units were renting for just under $2K/month. The building kinda looks like a parking garage though.

The old view on Alter Street

New apartment building on Alter Street

Does anyone living nearby have any insight into the situation with Liberty Lumber? Is there an expectation that a new building supply company will come into this space or will neighbors have to fend for themselves on Washington Avenue now and in the future? Do you think it's it a benefit to have businesses like this within a neighborhood, or do you think it's better for them to be concentrated on Washington Avenue?