We've heard from a few readers over the last few months, wondering about the vacant lots at 1721-25 Tasker St.

Current view

This address, where Bouvier hits Tasker Street, was home to Dean's Bar for many years. We confess, we never had the pleasure of visiting this establishment, but a sign above the long-missing door indicated that they were indeed available for parties. Incidentally, the home next door was in terrible condition and it was probably a good thing that this City owned property came down along with the former Dean's Bar.

The view in the past

Innova, an affordable housing company that's done quite a bit of building in Point Breeze in the last few years, purchased the former Dean's Bar along with the adjacent City-owned shell back in 2014. They tore down all three buildings soon after, and the lots have been sitting there ever since. When we zipped by the properties the other day, we noticed a sign on the fence that looks relatively fresh.

Sign on the property

Perhaps this is an indication that Innova is finally getting around to building here in the near future. It seems like a safe bet that these will be affordable homes just like their other projects in the area, though the concept of "affordable" seems to be a bit of a moving target these days in Point Breeze.