Earlier this month, a ‘For Sale’ sign went up at 2200 Saint Albans St., home to a much maligned check-cashing business for many years. Near neighbors rejoiced, as this property has been a blight on the area since before many of them even moved in. Many were hopeful, we would imagine, that a new owner for this property could give the 22nd St. corridor a shot in the arm.

Ugly building for sale

Due to a number of factors, 22nd St. between South St. and Christian St. has remained a rather unimpressive stretch, in spite of the revitalization of the surrounding neighborhood over the past decade or so. Vacant lots, blighted buildings, nuisance residences, and nuisance businesses have undoubtedly held the corridor back.

Ever since the Sidecar opened in 2006, neighbors have been hopeful that the good vibes from the corner of 22nd and Christian Sts. would spread to the north and eventually improve one of the roughest parts of this not-so-rough-anymore neighborhood. One bright spot over the last six months or so- a horribly blighted building at 22nd and Catharine Sts. has come down and is currently being replaced by a new construction, mixed-use building. Progress at last! Though things have have definitely improved over the years, the 22nd St. corridor still has a long way to go.

Looking good. A view of the new building at 22nd and Catharine Sts.

Almost as quickly as the ‘For Sale’ sign went up at 2200 Saint Albans St., a ‘Sold’ sign has replaced it.

We weren't kidding. That's the gross Lucky Day in the background, just to the south.

Yeah, uh, that was pretty quick, right?

So what do we think will be coming to this corner? A new bar? A vegan taqueria? Hair salon? Comic book store? Organic Dry Cleaners? Or a conversion of the commercial space to a residential rental? We’ll certainly keep our ears open, as the future of this building could have a significant impact on the future of the corridor.

Now if only the on-the-market-off-the-market Lucky Day would change hands, we’d really be cookin’ with gas.

Make an offer. Please.