After thirty-one years in business at 306 S. 16th St., Warsaw Cafe closed its doors earlier this year. Its former home is currently on the market for about $2.2M, which includes the restaurant along with a store and four apartments at 1602 Spruce St. While most of us are certainly in no position to purchase the building, it seems likely that the restaurant would be available for rent. In fact, peeking in through the trash bags covering the windows, it appeared as though there is some activity inside, though we couldn’t discern exactly what.

With Monk’s Cafe just up the street and all sorts of foot traffic in the area, one would think that this location, despite being on a largely residential stretch of 16th St. and not being on the corner, would be desirable for a restaurant, bar, or other type of retailer. Has anyone heard anything about a new tenant? What would people like to see take over this space? Anyone have a spare $2.2M?

Looking from the south. Monk's in the distance.

Looking to the south. Lots of apartments.