Nearly a year ago, we told you about 1412-14 S. 7th St., a surprisingly large and totally unattractive former auto shop that’s been vacant for years. At the time, we wondered whether someone would eventually purchase it and perhaps turn it into a giant house or perhaps apartments.

The building

Whelp, according to a recent zoning application, it seems it’s going to be the latter. Public record tells us that Tvc Pa 1412 7th Street Llc purchased the property back in May for just under $300K. We don’t know a thing about these folks, except that they’re using a California address and that they want to turn the building into ten apartments with parking. At last month’s Passyunk Square zoning meeting, the developers presented plans for this project, but were met with some resistance from neighbors, who would prefer less density. On their website, Passyunk Square Civic suggests that their committee would be more comfortable with only six units and the addition of some open space as well.

Old image that was once scrawled on the building shows its footprint

With the odd shape of the building, we’re not sure how open space could be added into the mix, nor are we entirely clear on how ten apartment units will get the necessary light to make them worthwhile for tenants. Light wells, maybe?

We’ll try to make it out to next month’s PSCA meeting to see how the developers have responded to community input, and will pass it along. Hopefully, everyone will come to an agreement and this old eyesore will become a building that the neighborhood can be proud of.