Since we wrote about some renovation and new construction activity on Hollywood Street in Brewerytown last week, a couple of people have reached out to us, asking about some other projects nearby. Three additional projects can be found just steps away from Hollywood Street, which tells us that we probably should have looked around a little better when we were in the area last week. It would have saved us a trip.

Corner of Myrtlewood & Stiles

For heaven's sake, there's a zoning notice at 1222 N. Myrtlewood St., a seemingly vacant building. Developers purchased the property a little less than a year ago and are looking to build an addition on the existing building rather than tear it down. The zoning notice also indicates that they'll try for a parking space in the back. As we mentioned last week, the older homes in this area have some real character to them, and an addition with perhaps a mansard roof would be a nice touch.

You can see in the photo above, there's another project happening on 30th Street, immediately behind the Myrtlewood property.

NE corner of 30th & Stiles

This was a vacant lot for many years and now a triplex is under construction. Other developers recently purchased the vacant lot immediately to the north, which gives us an indication that an infill project will soon be forthcoming next door.

Just to the south, more construction

Speaking of infill development, at 1219 N. 30th St. theres another project under construction. When we passed by the other day, framers were through the first floor of a new single-family home. The lot was listed for sale last year, using photos of projects nearby in the listing. With the first photo capturing an image of the new triplex just a few doors away, we confess we were momentarily confused. But no, this one is gonna be a single home, perhaps to sell or maybe to rent.

We have a feeling that there are even more projects worth mentioning getting built a few steps from here and that readers will be chastising us for missing them today. No worries, we'll just trek back to Brewerytown and cover 'em next time. We sense a recurring theme here.