Over the last few years, there's been a staggering amount of residential development near 8th & Christian, especially considering the fact that Bella Vista is already largely developed. Five homes replaced vacant lots on Darien Street. A nineteen home development took over a former surface parking lot between Christian and Montrose Streets. And Mildred Court, a twenty-five home project between Montrose and Carpenter Streets, is currently under construction with many of the homes now framed out.

New homes on Christian Street

The new residents of the neighborhood have had plenty to look forward to upon moving to their new homes, including the Italian Market, an easy walk to Center City, and excellent bars and restaurants in the area. Notable among those food choices was Cafe Nhu Y, one of the strangest and most wonderful places in town. Located at 802 Christian St., this place was the source of the best Vietnamese hoagies in Philadelphia, in our estimation. Though it was the size of a walk-in closet and the man who made the sandwiches sometimes worked in an apron with no shirt underneath it, those sandwiches were remarkably inexpensive and entirely delicious.

And now, we're sad to say, the shop has closed its doors for good.

Space for rent

The little storefront is now on the market for $500/month. We don't even care what goes in there, there's no way it will compare to Cafe Nhu Y.

Sorry folks, we're gonna need a minute. This one's gonna take some time for us to get over.