A few weeks back, we checked in on the new construction on the northeast corner of 19th & Catharine, noting that the second phase of the project looked to be nearing completion. At the time, we did not mention the vacant building directly across the street, at 760 S. 19th St., but we probably should have.

The new homes

Building across the street

The structure looks pretty bad, but it looked much worse just a couple of years ago.

Back in 2009

This building, along with the little storefront behind it, have been on the market a couple of times, most recently listed for $300K back in 2010. As you can see, the owners fixed up the exterior, though the inside remains a shell. An interesting aspect of the property is that little commercial space, which has been a number of different ice cream shops over the years, but never opened this past summer. We were inside the space once a few years ago, and it is extremely small, though it does have a loft space for storage.

We All Scream For...

Hopefully, the development across the street will either spur the current owners to redevelop the property or put it on the market again. That $300K number is a little high, but we’d imagine they’ll get closer to it now than they would have just a couple of years ago. In the meantime, we’re just hoping the ice cream shop opens again this summer.

Not that anybody should be thinking about ice cream in weather like this…