Back in October, we told you about ongoing demolition of five inhabitable row homes at 812-20 S 15th St. and hilariously speculated on the future for this site. Much to the chagrin of a couple of commenters.

In the past

In October

Current view

After last week’s SOSNA zoning meeting, we seem to have a little egg on our faces.

In October, we wondered whether Universal Companies founder and music legend Kenny Gamble might be planning to build a quintuple-wide mansion on this lot. Turns out, he’s just planning to build a triple-wide quasi-mansion, set back from 15th St., and surrounded on all sides by a six-foot high brick fence.

Ok, our bad.

We presumed all five lots were involved in the same project because all five homes were demoed by the same crew, the same fence surrounds all five lots, the Universal Companies sign on the corner of Webster St. seems to speak for all of the lots, and three lots are owned by the founder of Universal while the other two are owned by the CEO of Universal.

Silly Naked Philly!

One product of the SOSNA meeting: Instead of six-foot high brick walls surrounding the home, the architect agreed to a proviso that the brick wall would only rise three feet, and the remaining wall height would be a wrought iron fence that people could see through. To maybe catch a glimpse of our local music icon!

In all seriousness, this development will mark yet another addition to the growing number of homes in this neighborhood that would appraise for over a million dollars. Raise your hand if, ten years ago, you guessed that Graduate Hospital would be home to a collection of new construction, ultra-high end, uber-luxury homes.