Recently, we told you about the illegal awnings and terribly unattractive signage at the new corner store at 20th and Carpenter Sts., which opened about a week ago. As the week went by, much of the signage on the covering the windows was removed, and an unfortunate spelling error was corrected, sort of.

A week ago

Sent in by a reader a couple days ago

And suddenly, on Friday we believe, all the awnings came down. The building looks roughly 100% better, though it does look a little bare.

No more awnings

No word on whether this change was the result of gentle pressure from the neighbors, or a violation from L&I.

As we predicted a couple of months ago, this will surely be coming before the ZBA sometime soon. It will be interesting to see whether they’re allowed to remount the already made signs or are pressured to get new signage, of the less ostentatious variety.