Typically, we find out our real estate news from reader tips, careful examination of the zoning calendar, and often hilarious community meetings. It's not so often that we literally stumble upon a project just walking down the street. But that's just what happened the other day when we passed by 2004 South St. and spied a new awning and sign.

Corner of 20th & South

New store opening tomorrow

As you can see, there's currently a dry cleaners at the corner and a shop next door that repairs shoes, sharpens knives, and replaces watch batteries among other things. In the space immediately to the west, Unique Bouquet Cafe is planning on officially opening their doors on Tuesday. From what we understand, this cafe will offer salads, soups, sandwiches, and smoothies while offering large fruit trays as well. The space will, we imagine, be mostly for takeout, as we only noticed two tables inside.

The fact that this business is opening speaks to the continued growth and vibrancy of South Street West. That being said, it could be a challenge for the new place to quickly build a customer base due to the existing competition. LaVa, a cafe/restaurant, is less than a block away. The wonderfully named OCF Coffee House is two blocks to the east. And Gold Standard on Fitz is two blocks to the south.

It's crazy to think back just a few years and remember a time with much less momentum on this corridor. Now it seems like new businesses are popping up constantly. We hope only the best for Unique Bouquet Cafe, and will be sure to check them out once they open their doors. Soup sounds pretty awesome right about now.