Bella Vista has been a great place to live for decades, and vacant land tends to be scarce. So it's a bit surprising to come upon two long-vacant parcels right next to one another that are independently catching the development bug. First let's consider the more obvious property:

New framing at Passyunk & Queen

810 E. Passyunk Ave. has been used over the years as a tiny unofficial parking lot. This triangular parcel was able to accommodate two cars, maybe three if one was a Smart car. Developers bought the lot in 2013, took it to zoning, and then sold it the next year with approvals for a single-family home. The construction has progressed rather slowly, as framing has dragged on for at least a month and a half. Still, we imagine the home will be done at some point this year. Considering the shape of the lot, the inside of the home should be really unique, so let's cross our fingers that there's an open house.

Right around the corner, we see a string of vacant lots on the north side of the 600 block of Queen Street.

Looking west on Queen Street, homes coming soon

It's actually pretty tough to snap a good photo of this property because Queen Street is so narrow, but we're referring to the forest toward the back of the image. You can just about make out a zoning notice at 607-615 Queen St., right behind the white van. For this property, developers came before Bella Vista Neighbors Association back in May and got approval from the ZBA in June. Sometime soon, look for construction to start on three new homes, each with garage parking. Again, considering the skinniness of the street, garages won't take away any (legal) parking spots.

Both of these projects are welcome additions to the area, and we're almost never sad to see vacant land go bye-bye. Now if only the former Triangle Park, pretty much across the street from these projects, would get redeveloped. Or better yet, we'd love to see it turned back into a park. Has anyone in the area heard any updates about that parcel since it was accidentally dug up earlier this year?