Yesterday, we noticed two new homes being framed out at 1205-07 S. 18th St., replacing two vacant lots. Take a look at what the area looked like up until recently:

In the past

Yesterday, things looked a little more exciting:

Two homes!

Developer Neal Rubin, who has done a few other projects around town, purchased each of these two lots for $48K at the end of last year. Since we can’t find information about this project in either the zoning dockets or the zoning archive, we can only assume that these homes are being built by right. We’re expecting single family homes, though we couldn’t tell you whether they’ll be offered for sale or for rent.

The people who ultimately live in these new homes will literally be able to fall out of their front door and into the still newish American Sardine Bar. A couple of years ago, this would have been an uninspiring prospect.

The shuttered Wander Inn, which preceded the Sardine Bar

Kind of an eyesore to have across the street. But not anymore.

Ah, there we go!

The new project makes us wonder whether we might be at the beginning of a new construction boom within a couple of blocks of this location. Mr. Rubin purchased the lots exactly one month after the Sardine Bar opened. Sure, this might be a coincidence- there is, after all, quite a bit of residential development in the area. But it’s also possible that the newly opened bar provided this developer with additional confidence in the neighborhood and helped him feel more comfortable making a move here. Will the same hold true for others?

Only time will tell.