We’ve mentioned the 2000 block of Ellsworth Street a couple of times over the past year, most recently bringing construction at 2050 and 2052 Ellsworth to your attention. Today, we noticed two more homes are on the way on this block, thanks to developer Carriage Investments LLC. A large hole is in the process of being dug here, where the lots have sat vacant for years.

The site

According to the permit, the homes at 2032 and 2034 Ellsworth St. will be three stories and will have roof decks. KJO Architecture will handle the design for the project. Many of the homes on this block have parking in the rear, accessed via Annin St., and we’re imagining that these homes will also have that feature. We’re referring, of course, to the block of Annin that’s seen seven homes go up this year, with three more on the way. You can see a few of those homes when you look through the lot:


It’s amazing to look at this block of Ellsworth Street and reflect on how much development has taken place here in such a short time. And not for nothing, the homes that are going up or being rehabbed are selling for high prices, and in short order. With a new coffee shop coming very soon right around the corner, we can only imagine things will continue to develop. We’re guessing that vacant land will soon be a thing of the past on this block, and perhaps some time later, on the 2000 block of Annin as well.

Looking east. Future foundations on the left