For as long as we can remember, 1110-14 South St. has been a vacant lot despite its relatively prime location. Used primarily as a parking lot, some fairly awful murals have adorned one side of the lot, essentially putting some (cheap) lipstick on a pig. But today we bring some good news- this lot will soon be filled in by a mixed-use development! Yeeeeehaaaaa!

From a distance

Closer look

A couple of weeks ago, the ZBA approved a plan to construct two buildings on this lot. Both will have commercial spaces on the first floor, with apartments above. 1110-12 will have six residential units, while 1114 will have five. Neither commercial space has been spoken for as of yet, though

we understand that some preliminary talks have taken place with potential tenants.

Elevations of the project

Harman Deutsch has done the design for the project, which is pictured above. Though the project will rise two stories over the buildings to the west and one story above the structure to the east, the 41′ height is perfectly acceptable on South Street if you ask us. Hopefully, some retail tenants will emerge that will add to the commercial mix on this stretch of South Street, which could use a little bit of a shot in the arm in terms of shopping options (though we’ve always had a soft spot for Caribbean Delight just a few doors down).

To the east of the project is a Subway and a CVS

It’s great to see another South Street lot getting filled in. It seems they’re rapidly becoming an endangered species, which is really a wonderful thing to see.

Disclosure: OCF Realty, parent company of Naked Philly, is the broker for this project.