Last month, we covered the transformation of the 2100 block of Carpenter St. over the past decade. As blocks go in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood, it’s one of the more impressive stories, with nearly thirty vacant lots turning into houses since 2004. Today, we bring the 700 block of S. Chadwick St. to your attention, specifically the stretch between Fitzwater and Catharine Sts.

Here’s an aerial view of this block in 2007, where you can see only ten homes built on the twenty-five lots on the block.

Chadwick is between 16th and 17th Sts., in case you didn't know

And just for fun, here are a couple of images from Google Maps Streetview, likely from 2009.

East side of the street, looking north. It's a meadow!

Still on the east side, a little further north

Now it's the west side, looking north. Some high-end art on the wall.

As recently as a couple of years ago, there was blight, and a shocking amount of empty land on this cute little block. A couple of larger development projects and several one-off rehabs and new construction projects have turned this block into one that fits right in with the rest of the neighborhood.

Corresponds to the first image. Five new construction homes filled the meadow

Across the street. More new construction.

Corresponds to the second image above. A rehab and additional construction ongoing to the north

Corresponds to the third image above. New construction has replaced graffiti

A couple of lots on the northern end of the block still remain to be developed...

but projects should be breaking ground at these sites in the months to come

With homes selling for over $500K on this block, it’s clearly lost whatever stigma it may have had just a few years back. The only remaining issue that we can come up with (and it’s a small one) is the commissary for food trucks (?) located at the southern end of the street, fronting Catharine.

Not so pretty. You can see the new construction homes in the background.

Could this someday be a double-wide garage-front home?

Only time will tell, but it sure seems more likely than it may have just a few years back.