The area between 10th and 11th Sts. on Spring Garden St. has seen quite a bit of light in the past six months. In June of last year, Llama Tooth came about in a space that’s had a revolving door for past establishments. While we can’t comment on the level of success to this point at Llama Tooth, it’s definitely still with us. Back when it was a tad bit warmer out just a couple months ago, we often saw people hanging out in their heated patio area/tiki bar.

In September we finally saw the arrival of Union Transfer, which replaced the long-running Spaghetti Warehouse. It took them just shy of a year to turn this place around, but it’s been up and running for a few months now and seems to be a hit. Every weekend, you can count of a herd of musically in-tune kids pouring down Spring Garden either on their way to or heading out of the venue.

Next on the block, is the quaint little tea shop, Teaful Bliss Café.  Back in July, we told you about Jeffrey Mouzon’s plan to bring a new, modern approach to the coffee house/tea room experience, and in the past couple of months, Teaful Bliss Café has opened up shop.  We like the look of the new space and we found the tea to be delicious. The décor is very cozy; minimalistic with warm hues. It shouldn’t be long before this place becomes a destination for those who frequent Union Transfer. Here are some shots from their Facebook page:

Classy joint

Behind the bar

A look at the view

While these three new businesses are exactly what we and others living in the Spring Garden area were dying to see come about, it seems the success of one has overtaken them all.  Maybe it’s because Union Transfer has a slightly different target market than those of Llama Tooth and Teaful Bliss; regardless we’re hopeful that they will feed off of each other’s customers. If a few more developments arise in this section of Spring Garden, this area could become even more of a destination.

We will be keeping our eyes out for more traffic, businesses, and new developments on Spring Garden to see how the area unfolds.

–Kaitlin Bostwick