According to Michael Klein, 2046 Sansom St. will soon be the home of a new smoothie/froyo shop. The space was most recently a beauty shop, but in a raunchier former life served as a “modeling studio.”

Future froyo?

We imagine that the neighbors will be happy about this new use, but we’re not entirely confident that this concept will have an easy time at this location. With Capogiro at the corner of 20th and Sansom Sts., Yogorino at 18th and Locust Sts., and Sweet Ending at 18th and Chestnut Sts., the competition will be significant. After all, how much gelato and froyo can people eat?

The 2000 block of Sansom St. is one of the most diverse and interesting commercial blocks in town. It’s home to numerous businesses, including bars, restaurants, retail shops, music shops, cinemas, a dance school, the Adrienne theater, and a “gym.” Long established businesses like Porcini and Fat Jack’s have held the block together for years, while newer entrants like Village Whiskey and the ten-minutes-old Il Pittore prove that new energy continues to churn on this block. Shake Shack, set to come to the southwest corner of 20th and Sansom Sts. should maintain that tone.

We’ll be interested to see what the future brings for this block and look forward to enjoying some froyo and a shake. Just maybe not on the same night.