Over a year ago, we told you about 325 S. 18th St., a nearly 5,000 sqft shell on the corner of 18th & Delancey. This building has been vacant for over a decade, and changed hands three times in the last few years for as little as $50K and as much as $150K. The last time we mentioned the property, it was owned by Jack Trung Nguyen. Somehow, last October, an individual named Teresa Isabella, the person who owned the property from 1973 until 2007, got the property back in her name. We’re guessing that this is the result of litigation, something Ms. Isabella is no stranger to.

The building

Some folks have reached out to us in recent weeks, giving us the heads up that work has resumed at this property after no action for several years. As you can see, some new (wooden?) siding has been installed, but maybe a little haphazardly.

Side of the building

We checked the handy dandy new L&I website, and discovered that three building permits have been pulled in the past few months, with plans for major interior alterations as well as exterior alterations that have to be approved by the Historical Commission. Would the Historical Commission approve the red siding for the bays? On the plus side, it appears as though an engineer is being consulted- we’re not entirely confident that this building is structurally sound at this point. And as an aside, how is it fair that someone who owes nearly $40K in property taxes should be allowed to pull permits to alter their property?

Has anybody in the area noticed any of this work first hand? Or perhaps had a chance to chat up one of the fellas working on the site? We were there today and there was no activity, but perhaps the workers were at lunch?

Hoot hoot

As welcomed as the renovation of this building will be, we’ll miss this charming little piece of street art.

But we’ll probably get over it…