A long embarrassment for South Street is set to end in the coming months, as we’ve heard from a couple of sources that 7-11 is preparing to open a new location at 600 South St., last home to McDonald’s. This premium South Street corner has somehow been vacant for over five years, which is almost as unbelievable as the thought of a McDonald’s location ever going out of business.

This marks the third new 7-11 location opening in the greater Center City area in the last year or so. Previously, we’ve covered new locations on North Broad St., near the Convention Center, and at Front & Girard, almost under the El. This company seems to be aggressively expanding in Philly, and we can only assume that more are on the way.

By the way, there’s no word yet on whether the South Street location will complement its offerings of Big Gulps and iffy hotdogs with Irish food. We’ll just have to wait and see on that one.


Along with the building finally getting a new commercial tenant, it will also be receiving an aesthetic facelift with the addition of a new mural. You may recall the “Brazilian Rainforest” mural, by Dietrich Adonis, Jane Golden and Alvino Pearson, which previously adorned the southern wall of this building. In disrepair, the mural was covered over a few years ago and the building has looked as it does above ever since.

In the past. Remember Tower Records? Photo credit: Litter Box on Philadelphia Speaks

According to the Mural Arts Program, the new mural planned for this wall will feature Philadelphia icons The Roots. The Amber Design Collective will be responsible for the creation of the mural and will include artists Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, David Guinn (The “Autumn” guy!), Ernel Martinez, Charles Barbin, Willis Humphrey, and Keir Johnston.

This project will involve much more than simply painting a mural. A youth arts initiative called “Roots 101” will involve local kids in the process. City-wide paint days and pop-up studios will keep the public energized about this mural as it goes up. And unique technological interactive features are planned as well.

The mural should be completed this fall, at which point we imagine you’ll be able to admire it while sipping your slurpee.

Oh thank heaven, right?