A couple of readers have checked in recently, noticing zoning notices posted at the southeast corner of 2nd & Reed. This has been a vacant lot for many years, though it seems that this will change very soon.

The site

The lot was purchased back in 2006 by Pad Associates. We aren’t sure whether they’re the ones behind the planned development, or whether they’ve sold the parcel off to a new party. According to the zoning application, the developers wish to subdivide the lot into six lots and build six new homes with a rear-access drive aisle. Based on the dimensions of the existing lot, we’re fairly confident that the homes will all front Reed Street, with a curb cut on 2nd Street.

Closer look. Don't mind the snow, the photo was snapped last week, when it was still winter.

This location makes perfect sense for some new homes. Herron Playground, a paradise for kids especially in the summertime, is located across the street. Likewise, newish ice cream cafe Brown Chicken Brown Cow is situated right up the street. And with the success that developers had selling new construction homes just a block to the north at 2nd & Wharton, one would imagine that these homes will sell quickly and at an attractive price.

Playground is right there.

Perhaps the only drawback to this location is the fact that the large warehouse that burned two months ago is just a block to the north, and still looks pretty rough. Then again, by the time these homes are built, it seems possible that the warehouse could be cleaned up, with new homes popping up over there as well. We’ll just have to wait and see…