We’ve tried for weeks now to get in touch with Adam Ritter, owner of The Sidecar Bar & Grille, when we saw the construction going on above 22nd and Christian Streets. Since we couldn’t find Ritter, we invited ourselves into the construction site but found a smile wouldn’t get us past the construction manager who wouldn’t answer any of questions. Later that night (foxes are persistent and sly) we found an unassuming staff member who revealed Sidecar is expanding to include a second-floor bar and a larger kitchen. “It’s going to be like the upstairs of Good Dog and the back of Monks,” a secret staffer told us excitedly. He added that the staircase on 22nd will be for staffers to access utilities and that they will be adding another staircase on Christian Street for customers to access the second-floor bar. The current kitchen downstairs will serve as the prep kitchen, with the larger kitchen on the second floor, and they are installing a dumbwaiter for servers between floors. “The building is about 200 years old, so there have been a lot of steps back,” secret squirrel tells us. “But we keep pushing forward and hope there are no more structural problems.” We look forward to seeing the finished project and are thankful no one we talked to knew who we were, so that we can continue to eat at Sidecar without Ritter being upset we revealed this information.