In March, we speculated about a proposed ten-home development at 1235 Crease St., in Fishtown. Developers were, at the time, planning to build ten units, with five homes fronting Crease Street, and five additional homes fronting an interior courtyard of sorts. According to the very active comments section for that post, near neighbors generally did not support this plan, due to density concerns, worries about light and air, complaints about the architectural style, and a belief by some that these homes would be rentals, rather than owner occupied homes. Noting this opposition, we were concerned that the developers might give up, leaving this block with the undesirable status quo.

Houses seem better than this

As was suggested in the aforementioned comments section, the developers didn’t run away, but instead modified their plan to take some of the neighbors’ concerns into account. In place of ten homes, the developers are now proposing seven homes, and they’re replacing the originally proposed garages with an interior parking lot. Check out the site plan:

Site plan

As you can (maybe) see above, four complete homes front Crease St., along with one ultra-wide Carriage House, which floats above the entrance to the parking lot. Two more homes with large rear yards can be found inside this complex, and are rather far away from the rear property lines of the homes on Marlborough Street. The new homes will have 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths, and offer 1,700-2,000 sqft of living space. While two of the units won’t have designated outdoor space, the rear yards for the other five homes will utilize an “english garden” concept, with yard separated by low cedar fences and concrete planters, rather than six-foot high fences that would block views of the green space for neighbors.

Architects JKR Partners provided some renderings of this project, and we’re into them.

View from Crease Street

Inside the courtyard

The English gardens

One of the interior homes

Many neighbors are apparently on board with this revised plan. What do you think?