Poring over the zoning dockets as we often do, we noticed a complicated list of variance requests for 2313 Frankford Ave., and quickly realized we were on to something huge. Pizza Brain, the planned concept for this space, has been getting quite a bit of buzz this year, and deservedly so. Who else, after all, is opening a pizza shop/pizza museum/neighborhood hangout/performance space these days? Who other than owner and pizza mastermind Brian Dwyer is calling Guinness World Records to award them with the record for Largest Pizza Memorabilia Collection? Who else has a pizza memorabilia collection, anyway?

This guy

Dwyer, along with a couple of partners, will be taking a former flower shop and turning it into Fishtown’s pizza nirvana. The property, which is 120′ deep and goes all the way through to Collins St., offers decent versatility for their concept.

Like the cornice, too

The first floor of the building will function as the pizza shop, Dwyer and his partners will create a courtyard in back of the building for additional dining space, and the upper floors of the building will hold an apartment. In the two-story garage in the rear of the property, we’re assuming that the first floor will hold the museum, and the second floor of the garage will be a living space, according to the application.

Dwyer presented to EKNA and FNA in July, had his ZBA hearing at the end of August, and learned last week that his variances were approved. With that, we imagine that things will really start progressing quickly for Pizza Brain, and they should be in a position to open, as expected, in the Spring.

Can’t wait for a slice. And a tour of the museum, for that matter.