In February, we told you about the new Odd Fellows Cafe, located at 1201 Spruce St., in the Odd Fellows Building. So you can imagine our surprise when we walked by the cafe over the weekend, and noticed that the name was changed to YOLO, or “You Only Live Once.” It seems that Betty Ortiz, formerly of Spruce Street Espresso and one of the original partners in Odd Fellows, is no longer involved in the business  and had nothing to do with the name change. Regardless of how the name represents the business, one can’t help but wonder if part of the branding effort was an attempt to appear similar to the Love Park sculpture.

Back in Feb.


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YOLO sits on the corner of 12th and Spruce Street, directly across from Tria and Almeidas Floral Design. It seems like the business changed hands in the blink of an eye, and locals are surprised to see the quick change. FooBooz commenters seem generally unenthused, but despite critical reviews the nice looking space and quality location should lend itself to increased business moving forward. And if not, we’re guessing someone else will come into the space and make it work eventually.

Interior shot

As for what’s next for the old Spruce Street Espresso location, we couldn’t tell you…

–Haley Waugh