In the past, when discussing a couple of Pennsport projects, we’ve made reference to Federal Donuts, a donut, fried chicken, and coffee spot that opened less than a year ago at 2nd and Manton Sts., and has quickly built a zealot-like following of customers dedicated to deep-fried perfection. We (clearly) love this place, but have often found ourselves wishing that they had another location on the other side of town. Our wish is apparently coming true.

Current spot.

At last night’s CCRA zoning meeting, representatives from this deliciously successful establishment presented plans to the community for a second location on the 1600 block of Sansom St., in a space last occupied by a video store. Is this the best news that we’ve heard all month? Quite probably.

Future donut heaven

We’ve actually written about this block of Sansom Street in the past. Currently, the northern side of this block is dominated by a surface parking lot. In all likelihood, a new, mixed-use building will soon rise at this location, providing Federal Donuts with at least 122 new customers, along with some additional retail action on the block. This could be a couple of years away, however.

This week

New building to come across the street

In the meantime, we’ll be licking our lips in anticipation of the new, slightly more convenient location for Federal Donuts. Save us a dozen hot ones, will ya?

Photo credit above: Federal Donuts Facebook page