A month ago, we told you about the horrendous signage at the newly opened Reyes Grocery on the corner of 20th & Carpenter. Thanks to the efforts of near neighbors, the owners of this establishment willingly removed the offensive signs, and entered into a cooperative arrangement with these neighbors to come up with new signage. Store owner Pedro Reyes is on board with a new design from Chris Fernandez of 5to8, which was presented last night at the monthly SOSNA zoning board meeting.

Here’s a look at the recent history of this corner:

Before the storm


Current view, with the ugly signs removed

Mock up of the new signs

The Carpenter Street side

At the meeting, Mr. Reyes sought support for both a variance to legalize the new signage, as well as a variance to legalize the preparation and selling of cold food for takeout. The audience seemed extremely receptive to these requests, especially in light of his willingness to work with the neighbors to improve the signs. Through a translator, Reyes apologized for the original awnings, indicating that he had gotten bad advice from the company that produced the signs.

In addition to the new signage and the legalized sandwiches, Reyes committed to change the exterior lighting so that the signs are not backlit. He also agreed to install a permanent trash can for customers and passersby.

Closeup of the new logo. Reyes means 'kings' in Spanish, hence the crown

Isn’t it nice when business owners and neighbors can work together and come up with something that’s better for everybody? Kind of makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.