Traveling the other day on Carpenter Street, we spotted two interesting development-related items to bring to your attention. One is a little unfortunate in nature, the other constitutes pretty good news. First, the unfortunate item:

On the northwest corner of 24th & Carpenter, a new addition recently appeared. We have no problem with the third floor on this building, and in fact appreciate the effort to distinguish the new part of the structure from the original. But we have to wonder, why were these the materials that were chosen? The first two floors look like an attractive Philly row home, the third floor looks like a shore house. We would have to imagine that the folks who designed the addition were looking at the building right across the street for inspiration. But was that really an appropriate source? Sure, this is just a minor aesthetic detail in a giant city- but even to the untrained eye this was a questionable choice.

Just a block away, we have an update on a four home project we first told you about over the summer. Two homes have been built and sold on the southeast corner of 23rd & Carpenter, and a hole recently appeared immediately to the south where two additional homes will rise. Given the speed at which the northern homes have moved, we imagine that the developers will be making every effort to get the second batch of homes constructed as quickly as possible. As usual, we'll be keeping an eye out for progress here and anything else new that pops up in the area.