Over the weekend, we unsuccessfully attempted to procure some delicious Federal Donuts. While we were in the area, we noticed a couple of overgrown foundations on the 100 block of Alter St., on a skinny island of land between Washington Ave. and Alter St.

Fenced in

Closer look

In the shadow of I-95, and right next to a large residential development on the south side of the street, these foundations were laid years ago, probably in 2004, according to Google Earth. The lots are owned by the Stein and Silverman Family Partnership, which apparently purchased 103-107 Alter St. in a package for $350K back in 2003. From what we can tell, this ownership group doesn’t own any other property in town, though it’s possible that they do under a different company name. On the plus side, they seem to pay their property taxes.

Bird's eye view

Looking at the aerial view, it seems that two or three homes could be built on these foundations. Does anyone remember when the foundations were built? Or why homes were not ultimately constructed? Does anyone know anything about the Stein or Silverman families? Would it not be dangerous to move to a location so tantalizingly close to delicious donuts?

Help us solve the mystery of what’s going on with these lots, and the donuts are on us.