1100 E Passyunk Ave., currently home to Captain Jesse G Inc. Crabs, is a large, triangular lot that’s encompassed by Washington Ave. to the north, Passyunk Ave. to the east, and S. 8th St. to the west. Only about a third of the lot is covered by buildings, with a storefront with two floors of living space above on the corner, and what looks like a warehouse right behind it. The rest of the parcel is empty and seems to be used for parking.

View from Washington Ave.

Southern side of the parcel

Over the last couple of years, the property has been on the market, listed for $3M. Zoned C2, this could be a wonderful site for mixed-use development, as new construction housing on this part of Washington Ave. would probably be a pretty tough sell. The listed expired over the summer, but we imagine that the property could still be had. We’re don’t see anyone biting at that price, but an 8000 sqft parcel that sits in between Passyunk Square and Bella Vista could certainly be worthwhile for the right buyer with the right concept.

And hey, with Center City Pretzel Co. right down the street, that’s gotta be worth an extra few hundred thousand dollars, right?