A reader recently directed our attention to some signs posted on a fence at 2717 Annin St., a property we actually told you about last fall. At that time, we had noticed some different signs on the little vacant lot, advertising that it was available for rent. The asking rate was a very affordable $350/month, but we were at a bit of a loss figuring out what could happen on at 708 sqft triangular lot on Grays Ferry Avenue. A new building seemed very unlikely, so we proposed a billboard (however you make that happen) or perhaps food truck storage.

The signs now posted at the property indicate that some kind of food service place is on the way. We first thought that the signs were advertising a place called Manual Treats, but upon closer examination we see that the place will be called Marval Treats.

Signs on the site

Closer view

Unfortunately, these signs provide all of the info we have at this time. Per the signs, Marval Treats will offer water ice, pretzels, and and other good treats. Perhaps these treats will come from a food truck. Maybe the operators will actually build a little building here. Perhaps it'll just be a table and some coolers. We see no permits pulled as of yet, so there's no insight to be gained from the L&I Map. Will a snack spot with no parking find success with access coming from auto-centric Grays Ferry Avenue? Where does a name like Marval come from? Has anyone in the neighborhood heard any more information?