“Applying 4 years of experience in the study and execution of communal workplace, in 2011, the Indy Hall founders and community are working with the design and development partners at Postgreen Homes to establish the first living space designed from the ground up on Indy Hall’s core principals of creating unique environments and experiences that allow for the acceleration of serendipity.” —-Indy Hall

“To provide the space we called up our incredibly talented architecture (and softbau) pals over at DIGSAU. We charged them with the creation of a building that valued shared space over private and encouraged interaction in its method of organization. We worked toward six living units and at least a large shared kitchen and dining space with other shared areas left less defined and open to the input of the future community. Working with a piece of land we already have under contract, DIGSAU came up with a conceptual design we could immediately get excited about. K’House features six living units stacked on one side of the lot with the shared area and courtyards filling the other. The concept is full of cool design moves and all those small efficiencies that make an urban building work for it’s occupants, its investors and the environment.” —-PostGreen

K’House will be located on the 1700 block of North Howard St (just north of Cecil B Moore).