Last week, we gave you the heads up that La Colombe was planning a next generation cafe, a distillery, and a bakery in a large space on Frankford Avenue. Last night, the building’s owner and La Colombe partner JP Iberti provided some additional details on this project to an expectant neighborhood at a Fishtown Neighbors Association zoning meeting.

Will be in the building on the right

At the presentation, the two men described a new flagship location for La Colombe, offering a range of products not currently offered at their other Philadelphia cafes. Expect seating for about fifty and limited outdoor searing as well. Along with coffee, which you would expect, the space will contain a bakery meant exclusively for selling its products to consumers (as in not a wholesaler), a kitchen preparing cafe food, and a “finish distillery.” Most of the production for their new boutique rum business will take place offsite at a facility in Port Richmond, and only the final touches of the process will take place in the cafe.

Somewhat surprisingly, the owner of Lola Bean is apparently in support of the project. With the store being a customer of La Colombe and a tenant of the same landlord, both are offering financial concessions to make this change survivable for the cafe, which has been around for several years now.

Lola Bean, just a few doors down

Neighbors had some perfunctory questions about traffic, trash, and odors, but generally seemed to be in favor of the project. When the votes were tallied, the support was overwhelming- eighty-two in favor and a mere two opposed. Applause rang out when the totals were announced.

Clearly, Fishtown residents are excited for Frankford Avenue to take this next exciting step.