We've written about 2835-37 W. Girard Ave. twice before, once to bring the blighted property to your attention and a second time to inform the world that it was for sale. For those unfamiliar with the property's history, it suffered a fire around 2008 and has been vacant ever since. Sometime at the beginning of last year, the former owner put up a mural-like print on the plywood covering the first floor, making the building slightly less gross and perhaps a little easier to sell. And wouldn't you know it, developers purchased the property last October. Earlier today, we noticed some workers on the site at last.

This is big

According to permits, the building is getting a fourth floor addition and will eventually contain six apartments. No info about what will go into the commercial space, so we're guessing that hasn't been figured out yet. Even if that takes some time, the rebirth of this building will be a huge plus for the 2800 block of W. Girard Ave., which is already doing pretty well.

Looking down the block

High Point Cafe slid into the old Mugshots space and is doing well by all accounts. Brewerytown Bicycles is lookin' good. Rybrew, across the street, is making tasty sandwiches just like its Fairmount sister location but with the added benefit of booze. And a pizza place that serves breakfast appears to be on the way. We'll be waiting with bated breath to see what comes into the space in the building that's currently under construction. And we may or may not be really excited for breakfast pizza.