A recent reader tip brought us back to E. Sergeant Street, reminding us that we have no idea how to spell this street name/military rank. When we last visited the 2100 block, which runs into Trenton Avenue, we told you about three new homes on the block which curiously featured third floor setbacks apparently created through architectural choice rather than code requirement. They're still there, in case you were wondering.

Three new homes near Sergeant & Trenton

Down the block and around the corner, look for more construction in the coming months. The reader who tipped us off about this indicated that developers plan four new homes here, with two on Sergeant Street and two on Hazzard Street. Looking at the permits, we're expecting a slightly more ambition plan.

Old building on E. Hazzard St.

Permits on E. Sergeant St.

From what we can tell, developer Anthony Paolini purchased an old paint factory at 2138-40 E. Hazzard St. along with some surrounding property on Hazzard and two lots on Sergeant Street. If we're reading the permits correctly, he plans to demolish the old buildings on Hazzard Street and build four duplexes in their place. At 2139-31 E. Sergeant St., he'll build two single family homes. That's a total of ten new units on these blocks, which seems quite appropriate given the location just steps from bustling Frankford Avenue. 

Skate park on E. Hazzard St.

Also, if any of the new folks that move here happen to enjoy skateboarding, they'll have incredibly easy access to Pops Skatepark, located on Hazzard Street. Alternately, if they want those damn noisy kids to stay off their lawn, perhaps they'll want to look at the homes on Sergeant Street. Or just about any other block in town. As for us, we probably fall somewhere in between. But if we were to actually get on a skateboard, it would probably mean certain death. Which reminds us…

Our kind of skateboarding