One of the best things about living in a city, especially a walkable one like Philadelphia, is the easy access to local businesses. Wouldn't it be super annoying to have to get in the car (or the Uber, whatever) every time you needed to go to the cleaners, the bar, or Target? Ok, two out of three ain't bad.

Typically, when we tell you about new businesses, they're located on commercial corridors. In recent years, we've seen a ton of growth on South Street West, Frankford Avenue, and Baltimore Avenue to name a few, and those corridors are continuing to see new additions every few months or so. Nobody would mistake the 1500 block of Pine Street for a commercial corridor, but a spot that's long been a retail space is about to have a new tenant.

Future Waffles and Wedges

Looking up Hicks Street toward downtown

According to Foobooz, 1511 Pine St. will soon be home to Waffles and Wedges, a place that will (as you would probably guess) serve Belgian waffles and potato wedges. For several years, this space was home to the inexplicably named Mexican on the Square, and we seem to remember a noodle place here once upon a time. With a University of the Arts dorm at the end of the block, we have a feeling the new place will get a good dose of student business, though we confess we'll make our way there too. Let's agree- potato wedges with various dips sounds delicious. And we've been praying for something to fill the waffle-sized hole in our heart since Bonte exited the scene a few years ago.

The commercial corridors may get the bulk of the press, but little corner places like this add so much to the vibrancy of our city. We're excited to see this place open soon, and we're looking forward to gorging on their wares. In moderation, of course.